Spinster Shopping: Interior Life

Every since I visited a couple's home that was filled with paintings of other people's homes, I have been intrigued by the concept. So, like in the past few posts, I did a little perusing on Etsy. Today's post is a bunch of interiors...or at least the things you'd find in a home's interior. I hope you find these as delightful as I do!

1. Oil Painting Original of Interior: $450, Bruce Habowski on Etsy
          What I like about this painting is that it feels like you're looking into someone else's room. Just a little...not enough to intrude. But also the wire/piping on the wall is very familiar to me from my time in the apartments of New York.

2. Chair Painting "There," $60, Lucia Dill Art on Etsy
          I like how loose this painting is while still telling you exactly what it is. Somehow it reminds me of the AA meetings in Infinite Jest.

3. "Night Studio Glow," $1,300, Thor Wickstrom on Etsy
          Ok, I know this one is expensive. But look how amazingly detailed it is! It's amazing. Click on the link to see some closer views. So cool.

4. Modern Colorful Abstract Interior Room Painting: $180, Jennifer Allevato on Etsy
          I like this artist. I think she makes some really fun/cool work. There are a lot of whimsical, cute rooms, but she also has several different paintings of her own studio, which I like very much.

5. "French Chair in Lavender Pink Room," $200, Kelly Coleman Coursey on Etsy
          I like the color combo. This comes already framed, so you can just go ahead and hang it on the wall should you decide to order it. I like the blue and white dishes on the wall, especially.

6. Original Oil Chair Painting: $116.21, Marleen Kleiberg on Etsy
          Ok, this is my favorite painting on this shopping guide. Marleen Kleiberg appears to be an artist from the Netherlands, so I'm not totally sure how much the shipping would be on this painting. However, I love these colors. I also especially love the little moment of subtle purples, blues, and greens in the top left hand corner. So nice. Please send me this as a belated birthday gift. Thank you. Only kidding...or am I?

7. Green Breuer 21" x 24" Vintage Original by Reginald Van Pelt: $795, Reginald VanPelt on Etsy
          I like this chair in its simplicity. While the price may seem pretty high, it's a pretty good-sized painting. Additionally, this is one of those neutral paintings you can put anywhere. So that's a major plus.

8. "A Topiary's View" : $25, MercersDaughter on Etsy
          I like this artist because she's versatile in her media choices, but she's also very affordable. I like the name of this painting. It makes the topiary in the background seem more fun and slightly anthropomorphized.

9. "Morning Room": $25,MercersDaughter on Etsy
          This is a more traditional painting form the same seller. I like it. I like the color combo. And, again, at $25, what are you waiting for?

10. "Urban Jungle #4" by Marisa Anon: $532.11, Lunartics on Etsy
          I had a painting by this artist in yesterday's post as well. I like how quirky this painting is, and the plants are pretty trendy right now. Or are they? Are plants always in style? I don't know. I do not have a green thumb.

11. "Morning Greeting," $400, Catherine J. Martzloff on Etsy
          This is the painting that inspired me to create this shopping guide. I liked this cheery bathroom and the idea that someone would immortalize the bathroom where they spend every morning. I remember a professor of mine mentioning this when we were reviewing Van Gogh's Bedrooms as well as a desk lamp piece by (I think, though I can't find it online) Michael Brodeur. It's a really cool concept, I think. I may have to make a painting of something like that...perhaps my big Starbucks pineapple cup...or my toothbrush...or my Barcelona chair with a stack of random paper and books in it. TBD.

Well, that's it! I hope you've enjoyed this peek into other people's spaces. Happy Tuesday!

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