Spinster Shopping: Ode To Breakfast

Well, good morning! I hope you're having an excellent breakfast. If you're not, today I've put together another shopping guide. This one will make you hungry. I've scoured Etsy's amazing sellers to find some original artwork worthy of any spinster's kitchen, dining area, or anywhere else she might eat. For me, that'd be my sofa.

The prices on these things are reflective of the fact that they're actual original paintings, not prints. So, keep that in mind while you browse. I really love the ones I found here, so let's discuss!

1. "Eggs" : $550, Brian Nash Artist on Etsy
          I think this is a fun painting, and it's really very big. So, if you have a big breakfast room, this could be a really cute painting. It's literal, but it also sort of looks like a strange polka dot.

2. "Coffee with Biscotti" $295, Laura Craig Fine Art on Etsy
          I like the light in this painting. I also really like the mug. And, of course, I also like biscotti. So, all told, I think this is very nice.

3. "Coffee Epidemic," $220, ExceptionallyAshley on Etsy
          This is one of those paintings you could really put in any room of your house. It's sort of neutral as well as a little architectural. At first I thought it was a photograph. Pretty cool.

4. "Breakfast Still Life No.01-01" $119, TZ Art Studio on Etsy
          The bacon in this painting is a little crazy, but I like it. Not every painting needs to be super realistic. Plus this has some nice turquoise notes as well as some yellow-orange.

5. "Grapefruit for Breakfast" : $200, Andrea's Fine Art on Etsy
          Again, I really like the color combo in this painting. I like blue and white plates in the first place. I don't like grapefruit, but no matter. It's still very pretty.

6. "Breakfast Bagel" : $300, CynArt on Etsy
          This is the only watercolor painting on this shopping guide, but I love the way the knife is rendered. And, of course, I like bagels, too.

7. "Breakfast" : $350, ArtworksRockland on Etsy
          I like that they didn't go super cutesy with the donuts in this painting. It's simple and straightforward, but look at the nice light on the outside and inside of the coffee mug. Beautiful.

8. "Sunny Side Up," $79.99, Chris Bell Fine Art on Etsy
          I'd love to hang #s 8 and 11 as a pair in any room of the house. It is important to note, though, that they are different sizes. Still, I'd consider it. Perhaps opposing wall companion pieces?

9. "Coffee and Bread": $150, Kate Painting on Etsy
          This painting has a couple different condiments. I felt I needed to branch out from just eggs, bacon, and coffee, and I think this green-and-gold color combo is nice.

10. "French Breakfast" : $349, Alexander Titorenkov on Etsy
          Who doesn't love a pretty cup and saucer and a croissant? Nobody. That's who.

11. "Bacon" : $59.99, Chris Bell Fine Art on Etsy
          At this price, I really think you should buy both #s 8 and 11.

12. "Sunday Morning" by Marisa Anon Frau: $159.02, LunArtics on Etsy
          This painting reminds me of Joni Mitchell's "Chelsea Morning." It's so cheery!

13. "Red, White, and Blue" : $99, Carmen Beecher on Etsy
          You can enjoy this painting for more days thank just the 4th of July. And a breakfast of berries sounds amazing.

14. "Doughnuts for Breakfast" : $150, Shineh Art Studio on Etsy
          This is my secret favorite of the collection. It looks like an Entenmann's donut, but I love the brushwork. The strokes are wild and economical all at once. It is delicious.

Well, I hope this leaves you hungry...for art! hehe. Happy Monday!

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