Your New Gallery Wall: Rainbow Sherbet

When I was little, I liked to get Baskin Robins' Rainbow Sherbet.  It was delicious, and the pink/purple/orange color made it even more appealing. Today, our shopping guide is a collection of pieces that remind me of that sweet treat. So, let's get started!

1. Made to Order Abstract Painting: $200+, Art by Heroux on Etsy
          When you order this painting, the artist will make it for you in whatever size you'd like. They do note that not every painting will be exactly alike, but I think that makes the whole process more exciting!

2. Large Seascape: $750, Nancy Merkle on Etsy
          I love this painting. It's a landscape while still managing to be sort of abstract. Perfect.

3. "Simple Beauty" : $45, Sue Ringer on Etsy
          This is a small 6x6 painting, but I think it'd be a great addition to a desk, a gallery wall, or a little piece of wall that's too small for anything else. I love the chunky brush strokes.

4. Orange and Pink Watercolor: $48, LamArtStudio on Etsy
          This is actually watercolor, acrylic, and some other things, I think. It's simple but would look great in a collection.

5. Rani Pink and Golden Orange Painting: $100, Midas Touch NK on Etsy
          This is a little more precise than the other items in the list, but maybe you're a little more precise in your art choices. If you like things very neat and orderly, this could be for you!

6. Pink and Orange Marbled Painting: $40.17,  Spectrum Artworks on Etsy
          This one has glitter in it. I like a lot of the things in this shop. They're very freeform and colorful. I think you should visit.

7. "Let's Go Fly a Kite," Acrylic on Canvas: $61, Jill Lambert on Etsy
          I'm not sure why this is called "Let's Go Fly a Kite," but I'm certainly not mad at it. I like the colors, and I think it's a pretty sizable painting for only $61. If I weren't in the process of moving, I might consider purchasing this one.

8. California Rocks: $159, Pat Adams Art on Etsy
          Another purply-pinky-orangy landscape. I like this one, too, but it's a little less abstract. Very cool.

9. Oranges: $33, Chic Canvas Co on Etsy
          This one is a great option for the pretty lady. It also has a sort of vintage 1950s or 1960s feel. It could be great in a kitchen!

10. "Orange" Acrylic on Paper: $35, Evelina Petrenko on Etsy
          This is a bright painting, and it's on paper. That means you'd need to frame it. At $35, though, you could afford to do so. I think this one is a steal.

11. Dots paper painting: $38.93, Elizabeth Ellenor on Etsy
          This item ships from Australia. It's a little departure from the sorts of abstract paintings that are popular right now. I like it.

Well, that's it! I hope you're considering supporting some of these fabulous Etsy artists. If not, I hope you're inspired! Happy Wednesday!

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