5 Ways to Spinster to the Fullest

So, you're single. Maybe you're solo by choice, and maybe you're not. Whatever the case, you're here. So why not enjoy it?

I've done a series like this before, but it's definitely time for a refresh. Let's do this!

1. Send Yourself a Gift
    Don't wait around for someone to do the things for you that you wish they would. Do them yourself! This year, I wanted a box of gourmet chocolates from CocoBon in Anderson, SC, for Valentine's Day. Well, no one was going to send them to me, so I ordered them myself. Sure, they're expensive, but the chocolatiers at CocoBon make all of their chocolates on site, and I do love to support a small business. Not into chocolates? Send yourself flowers. Or shoes. Or whatever it is you wish someone would send to you. At least you'll know you're going to like what you get!

2. Don't Compromise.

    One of the best parts of being single is not having to compromise with a partner. Don't like action movies? Don't watch them. Like weird food combos? Eat them! There's no one there to judge you or complain about what you choose. Make the most of it!

3. Be As Frumpy As You Want.

    When you're not going on dates all the time or seeing someone you hope finds you attractive, dress as sloppily as you deem fit. Since a lot of us have gained some weight during Covid-19, sweatpants might just be the order of the day - or week - or year.

4. Come And Go As You Please.

    During the pandemic, social gatherings have been few and far between so, you may not remember what it's like to show up to a party alone. It can be kind of awkward, but I recommend leaning into your lone wolf status. The great thing about going somewhere alone is that you can leave whenever you want. This doesn't just apply to parties, though. You're also allowed to go to the grocery store at 6AM if you want without having to answer questions after. Who cares? You got your shopping done. 

5. Keep Your Streaming Queues Tight

    When no one else is watching your streaming services, you can curate them exactly the way you want to. No one's messing them up by watching ahead on a show you like. No one's messing up the suggestions by watching things you wouldn't. So, edit away! Create a perfect list so the algorithm knows what to suggest!

I hope this post inspires some epic spinstering! Enjoy!

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