Spinster Screening: Spinster


Sometimes Amazon Prime really gets it right. A few weeks ago, I needed to watch something uplifting and enjoyable. First, it suggested a Jenny Slate movie called Landline, then it suggested a 2019 movie starring comedian Chelsea Peretti called Spinster.

Now, before you go and watch these movies, I do not recommend them if you're easily offended by language or some sexual content. BUT if you can get past that, Spinster is really quite a lovely movie. (And, of course, Landline is lots of fun - especially if you like Jenny Slate.)

Spinster starts with a breakup. And, at first, it's kind of hard to like Peretti's character. The further the movie goes, the more delightful she becomes - and the more confident she is in her spinsterhood. 

*Spoilers Beyond This Point*

One of the sweetest parts of the movie is that Peretti uses some of her newfound free time to hang out with her niece, teaching her how to knit and encouraging her to be independent and have her own opinions. 

By the end of the movie, Peretti's character is just...doing other stuff besides trying to find a partner. And, really, I feel like that's the healthiest place for a spinster to be. She's not necessarily closed off to anything, but she's plenty busy with her own life and seems pretty content. May we all be like Chelsea Peretti in Spinster. 

*End of Spoilers*

So, if you need something that puts a positive spin on spinsterhood, I suggest watching Spinster. Enjoy!

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