Spinster Shopping : 4 Fab Chip&Dips


One of my most recent obsessions is buying ceramics from independent artisans. I've bought them in person at craft fairs, ordered them custom-made, and ordered them on Etsy. This, of course, goes without saying, but they're so much more special than anything you'd buy at Target. 

Today, I wanted to share four of my favorite chip & dip sets I've found on Etsy recently. Please feel free to send me any of these. 

Below, you'll find links to each of the pieces as well as some information about the respective shops!

Top Left: Chip & Dip Bowls Made To Order from MrTpots., $55+

    This is a listing for made to order ceramic pieces, so there are a bunch of photos of different styles of chip & dips. I love how this one has two bowls so you could have, say, guacamole and salsa with your chips. The shop is based on Colorado.

Top Right: Handmade Chip and Dip from ocpottery, $185

    This chip and dip is from Anaheim, CA, and is one of a kind. I like how the large bowl swirls into the smaller one. It's very satisfying.

Bottom Left: Flared Chip and Dip Bowl from KatherineGaffPottery, $82

    This chip and dip comes from Indiana, and I think it's one of the ones that would probably fit best with your everyday china. It's on the smaller side, so it'd be perfect for two to share.

Bottom Right: Chip and Dip from MuddyPawsPotteryShop, $50 + 

Coming from Summit, NJ, this set has my favorite glaze job. I think it's just really beautiful. It comes in a few different sizes. I love it. 

All right, that's it! I hope you enjoyed this little shopping guide. Happy Friday!

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