Spinster Shopping: 6 Great Mugs


    First of all, I promise this blog isn't being rebranded as a ceramics appreciation site. But, seeing as today is Saturday, and you may be curled up drinking your coffee while you read this, I thought I'd show you some of the most excellent mugs I've found online this week. Some of these are from Etsy, and others are from random sites that came up in search results. I believe, though, all of them are available within the contiguous United States. 

    You might notice that all of these mugs have rather interesting handles. That seems to be a cool trend that's happening in mugs right now, and I love it. For Christmas, I ordered someone some custom mugs from a local artist with creative handles, and I was so proud of how they turned out. 

Ok, let's talk about these mugs:

1. Balance Ball Handmade Mug: $74, Bell Jar

    I know, I know. This is pricey for a mug. But it's basically functional art. I love all the different visual textures here - There's the speckle, the metallic, the milky glaze. Really special. 

2. Lux Eros Terazzo Print Mug: $55, Luxeros on Etsy

    I love this shape of mug. The circular handle is so satisfying. This Mug comes from Los Angeles, CA, and it's also available in a cute leopard print and a multicolored terrazzo print. Love it.

3. Circle Handle Clay Mug: $26, Avila General Store on Etsy

    Aside from being cute and chubby, this mug is also more in the giftable (or self-giftable) range. This mug comes from Pennsylvania!

4. Small Swan Mug: $36.96 from Sarah Whyte Ceramics on Etsy

    This mug hails from Canada, and it is adorable. In the town where I live, there is a swan preserve, so this mug is especially perfect for anyone who lives here. 

5. Hand Built Squiggle Mug: $35, Yours Truly Ceramics on Etsy

    The irregularity of this mug is what makes it. It's hand built instead of being thrown on a wheel. That gives it a very handmade feel. Plus, when did you last see a mug handle like this? This mug comes from Dallas, TX

6. Janis Stemmermann Cup, Blue Circle handle: $50, Russell Janis

    I believe this cute little mug comes from Brooklyn, NY. At least, that's where their store appears to be. I love the color on this, and I really like the shape of the handle. While they're a little pricey for mugs, it looks like you can purchase an entire set of these which could be really cool. 

I have a seventh, honorable mention mug that I think you'll enjoy. It's called "A Cute Angle Mug" by Miyelle and is available on The Artling for $60. 

Welp. That's it! I hope you enjoy mug shopping. Happy Saturday!

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