Spinster Shopping: 8 Great Rings


Just because you're a spinster doesn't mean your ring fingers have to go around naked. Why wait around for someone else to give you a ring when you could get exactly what you want for yourself? 

I did a little shopping around on the internet, and I think I've found some pretty great options. Generally, I love a good vintage/estate ring, but all of these are new so there are plenty to go around. 

Let's have a look!

1. Morganite and Beryl Ring: $4580, Moda Operandi

        It was hard to choose which image to use for this ring. I suggest clicking the link to see all of the views. It is stunning and a little quirky. I'll marry myself with this one.

2. Fernando Jorge Jade and diamond Ring: $4750, Bergdorf Goodman

        This ring comes in a few colors - Jade, Rose Quartz, and I think Lapis. All are really pretty. I can see this being a ring someone could wear all the time, with everything.

3. David Yurman Novella ring in Blue Topaz: $2200, David Yurman

        The twisted David Yurmans are fine, but I love the simplicity of this style. It comes in several colors, and it's got a more interesting cut than their regular checkerboard style. I also love that the setting is east-west here instead of vertical. 

4. Syna Gold, Diamond, and Black Enamel ring: $3650, Neiman Marcus

        This is another ring I feel like would be a staple in someone wardrobe. The enamel gives it a cool, graphic look and adds a little high-low flare. 

5. Tourmaline and Diamond Ring: $625, Wolf & Badger

        I feel like this ring is a lot of bang for your buck. It's tourmaline, which can look like emerald, and it's got the modern east-west setting. Very chic.

6. Pearl and Diamond Ring: $239.20,  Social Value on Etsy

        I thought this bar setting was really interesting. The ring's a traditional combo with diamonds and pearls, but the setting is modern. The perfect ring for someone who's got a foot in both worlds!

7. Charlotte Chesnais Round Trip Ring: $695, Moda Operandi

        As you can see, this is the only ring in the guide without a stone. It's so cool, though. Click the link to see how cool it looks on a finger. 

8. Tourmaline Bubblegum Deco Ring from Yi Collection, $1950

        I've had my eye on this ring for a long time. It's just so...cute! It's clearly not an engagement ring - just something fun and girly. This style also comes with an aquamarine center stone as well as a green color way. So cute. 

That's it! Happy shopping!

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