Spinster Shopping: Nine Fancy Robes

 It's no secret I love a bathrobe. The kind I fancy, though, are terrycloth or french terry. Something absorbent. Growing up, though, I used to imagine that I'd sweep through my house wearing a fancy robe with feather trimmed kitten heels. So, in honor of my childhood fantasies of womanhood, I decided to do a fancy robe roundup for my post today. You can find all of these on amazon, and some of them are actually very affordable.

1. Creme Feather Trimmed Robe: $119, Amazon

        Of all the robes in this roundup, this is the closest to what I thought I'd be wearing around my home. It's got marabou trim. It has a huge sweep and generous sleeves. Chef's kiss.

2. Blush Sheer Tulle Robe: $89.99+, Amazon

        This one's got a more voluminous silhouette than the first one, but I can see this being dramatic in all the right ways as you lounge on your velvet sofa eating bonbons you bought yourself. 

3. Satin Robe With Faux Fur Trim sleeves: $59.90, Amazon

        This robe wins the award for best towel turban companion. You could feel like Daisy Gatsby in this look.

4. Tulle Dressing Gown: $169, Amazon

            I don't usually go for sheer, but I do like this robe. It's a little more toned-down than the blush one, but it still brings the drama. 

5. Black Satin Robe: $49, Amazon

        It's hard too see in the photo above, but if you click through to the Amazon listing, there are little satin details on this robe that give it a little bit of a nod to a tuxedo. Then, on the bishop sleeves, there is a long satin cuff with buttons. Very chic.

6. Satin Bath Gown: $69.90, Amazon

        With a plunging neckline and lace trim, it would be so tempting to at least check the mail in this robe. It needs to be seen. The only problem I have with this one, though, is the cuffs on the sleeves are rather long. I can't help but think they might be hard to slip on.

7. Color Blocked Ruffle Robe: $20.99, Amazon

        I love the color blocked detail on this robe. However, it also comes in two solid color ways. I prefer a long robe for myself, but at this price, it's even giftable. 

8. Satin Robe with Sheer Sleeve Insets: $11.99-$21.99, Amazon

        With a price between $11.99 and $21.99, this is the most affordable option on this list. It's giftable, but it'd also make a great self-purchase. add a monogram to make it even fancier!

9. Green Satin Kimono Robe: $48.99, Amazon

        I mostly added this robe to the list because it reminds me of that dress Nicole Kidman wore to the Oscars back in 1997. This one is a little more green that hers was, but it's giving me the same vibes. And who doesn't want to feel like a 1997 Nicole Kidman? 

All right! That's it! I hope you do at least a little lounging today, even if you don't have one of these robes...yet.

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